Neuro Spinal Innovation

is determined to lead the way in
treating spine and pain
related conditions with the most
sophisticated, non-invasive and
cost-effective focused vibroacoustic
medical technology.

SONIK treatment is a scientifically backed non-invasive treatment for pain relief and improvement of spinal alignment. It is a non-invasive alternative to conventional treatment methods including surgery, pain medications, and mechanical adjustments.

The SONIK Differences

Focused Vibroacoustic

For the treatment and relief
of back pain.


Untapped and novel non-invasive therapeutic modality.


Scientifically validated.

ALKINDI Frequencies  
for deep healing.

The SONIK MONARK 100 is used in the aid of the management of pain due to non-congenital defects. The device delivers low-frequency impulses at the treatment site through contact with the skin. This treatment modality is used by licensed healthcare professionals in a healthcare environment.

The SONIK Monark 100 is a patented state-of-the-art device that offers efficient and pain-free treatment for a wide variety of patients.