Patient Information

Indications for Use:

The device is to be used in the aid of management of chronic pain due to non-congenial defects. The device can be used as part of a series of steps in the total care of the patient. The procedure involves the use of diagnostic imaging that qualifies the misalignment between vertebrae. The treatment is then administered using the device to deliver precise impulses at a required vector configuration.


1. Recent severe trauma
2. Current or history of vertebral artery or carotid artery dissection
3. Infections localized to the spine (e.g., Discitis, Osteomyelitis, Tuberculosis)
4. Skin infections, lesions, or ulcerations at the site of the treatment application
5. Recent surgery to the upper cervical spine
6. Unhealed or unstable vertebral spine fracture
7. Patient position cannot be achieved because of pain or resistance from the head and neck

SONIK MONARK Medical protocols: please refer to content provided in “Healthcare Professional Training”

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