Healthcare Professional Training

All professionals administering the SONIK treatment are provided with comprehensive training on the SONIK MONARK 100 device. This training consists of both online and in-person components.

Online Training

Eight online modules, completed asynchronously on our training portal:
1) Introduction Module
2) The Injury Model
3) SONIK 5 Parameters
4) Patient Positioning
5) Treatment Application
6) Clinical Reasoning
7) S3 Software
8) SONIK Intelligence

All eight modules can be completed in 4-6 hours. A short assessment follows each of the modules.

A manual with further details will be provided along with this training content to supplement learning and for your reference when using the SONIK Monark 100.

In-Person Training

Upon completion of the online modules, care providers will undergo a two-day in-person training to solidify technique using the SONIK Monark 100 on patients.